Create Favicons Online With these Five Quick Editors For Favicon

Favicons are for some time, I was almost tempted to write “living memory” of the basic equipment of a website. For many image editing programs exist with plugins that the minimum symbols can be created. Meanwhile, there are also some online favicon editors with different focuses. These differ in detail quite clearly from one another.

X-Icon Editor


The X-Icon Editor comes with comparatively many character features. While most editors can draw only individual pixels of different colors, the X-Icon Editor offers brush with adjustable contour and hardness, and the ability to draw rectangles and ovals.

Furthermore, there is an import function for common image formats (including JPEG, PNG and ICO). The favicon can be exported in four sizes (16, 24, 32 and 64 pixel blocks).


The favicon editor offers far fewer features than to draw the X-Icon Editor. It can only pixels of different colors and transparency are drawn. However, there is also the ability to import and edit graphics then.

The nice thing is the live preview. The icon will be edited in a browser pane shown as it would look like in Internet Explorer. So you get an impression immediately, as the icon in the context of the browser UI works.



16 by 16 pixels offer little room for text. The Favicon Generator Antifavicon uses 265 pixels area yet, to accommodate two lines of text in a pixel font. Background and text color can be set for both rows.

In addition, the font size of the amount of text is adjusted – at least to a certain extent. Because the limits of what can be easily reached.



The Faviconist is a similar path as Antifavicon. Again, the Iconfläche is filled with text. Instead of a pixel font but there are several fonts to choose from. With more than two characters is not the limit of what is possible, however, reached the readable. For monograms and abbreviations it is always enough.

Moreover, it is very easy gradients as background, as well as create text filling. The icons are created in 16, 32 and 256 pixel edge length and shown in a live preview.



The last presented here online editor Genfavicon is generating more than Notepad. Because many editing functions, he does not. It allows conversion of uploaded images to ICO format.Also see the uploaded video, a square neckline is elected. Size and position of the cut can be freely defined. Then comes Genfavicon in action. Then, the selected section is ready for download as a favicon. The disadvantage here is that the favicon can be exported in one size only, instead of multiple sizes to accommodate a favicon.

Conclusion:  All the editors have presented due to their different functional scope of their strengths and weaknesses, and are appropriate for different approaches for creating and editing of favicons. More than one to keep in the tool box is, like a lot of sense.

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