Helpful CSS Animation Tools

CSS animation has joined the ranks of 3D and Flash animation in terms of both popularity and possibility. It’s now supported in numerous browsers, including Webkit and Firefox. If you’re designing a website or app, you’ll want to make the most of what CSS animation can offer. Animation can help bring your design to life, making it seem more realistic and intriguing to viewers. This can help drive sales, increase traffic, or even just be used for fun to share with your friends. The principles of CSS animation are similar to any other type, but there are a few tools on the market that can help you get better results. These include the following:


Adobe Edge

Even if you don’t have very much experience with CSS coding, you can create professional animations using this tool from Adobe. There is a wide range of features that you can use, including gradient support to give your compositions a more unique, rich feeling. The software comes equipped with CSS filters support, so you can pick and choose the effects that you need in your animations. These filters include contrast, brightness, sepia tones, blurring, and saturate. Once you’ve created graphics or bits of HTML coding, you can easily add motion to them to bring them to life. You can also start building your animations from scratch with the digital painting and drawing tools provided, importing web graphics from a variety of files. This is a great tool if you’re looking for an all-inclusive CSS animation package.

Sencha Animator

One of the top uses of CSS animation is in creating mobile advertisements and apps. Sencha Animator is a good tool to use to grab your audience if you’re a small business interested in creating mobile ads. You can animate your text and images using design buttons, gradients, and embedded analytics. This provides a way to create smooth transitions between your different animation scenes. Sencha is optimised for use with Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices so you can reach out to an audience on any of these platforms.

Tumult Hype

This tool is only available on Mac devices, but it’s a great one if you’re looking to create interactive content for your website. Tumult Hype is best for people who don’t have any knowledge of CSS coding already, because it walks you through all the steps intuitively. You can create timelines for your scenes, which are triggered by other animated actions. This allows you to make interactive animated content, if you want to place animated video games or other scenes on your website. A good alternative to this if you don’t have a Mac is to use Autodesk software to create an interactive 3D animation.

CSS3 Click Chart

The tools listed above are all suitable for animators who don’t have any expertise with coding. If you’re trying to learn CSS3 coding, you might want to refer to the Click Chart. This tool gives you a live demonstration of many of the best animation effects, including keyframe animations and reflections.

With the array of tools out there, it’s easy to use CSS to create the animation that will bring your website to life. These can be used for promotional purposes or simply to spruce up your web design, as needed.

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  1. The CSS3 Click Chart is a great tool for website video production and makes a great animation with CSS and HTML in an easy way.

  2. Thanks for such useful tool list for animated video production with CSS and HTML tools are making development and designing easy day by day.

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