Styling Your Chatroom with CSS to Boost Your Website Traffic

Gaining greater exposure for your website, and having visitors spend more time on yourpage is something that probably occupies a lot of your thoughts and time. In this post I will share with you a unique chat room widget that will not only help make your website more visible but also encourages visitors to spend more time on eachpage.

The widget is called RumbleTalk ( Here are 3 ways in which you can use the RumbleTalk group chat to your advantage.


1.CSS trick to let your visitors a reason to stay longer

Webmasters and web designers spend a lot of time to make their website attractive. WordPress has made the concept of chat themes a huge success. However, when one wish to add a chatroom, it always looks different that the overall design. Usually it is a basic non attractive chat.

RumbleTalk changed the way chatrooms are viewed by website visitors. It lets webmaster choose a chat theme from a pre-defined chat designs and more than that it lets designers design their own custom chat.

There are 2 options to design your own chat

–       Quick changes viaAdmin panel

Change image background, colors, fonts, fonts sizes,

–       Advance option of CSS changes

One can pretty much change anything in the chat via css. Below you can find the most common changes.

1.Changing the default image of a guest (anonymous user)


You may change the guest image to any image by using your own image url.

.guest-default-image {
background: url(;

2.Hide system messages such as “user left the chat room”

In chatrooms with over than 10 people talking, it is a bit annoying to see who is logged in and log-out during the chat. Now you can remove those.

display: none;

3.Hiding all the buttons in the chat


If you wish your users will see no buttons at all, you may hide them using

#options {
display: none;

4. Hiding only one button

Sometimes one wish to hide one button.
Here is a list of all buttons and the way to hide them.

#options #pause { display: none; }
#options #clear { display: none; }
#options #popup { display: none; }
#options #sound { display: none; }
#options #opts { display: none; }
#options #logout { display: none; }

5. Hide the “Invite friends Icon”

This is a simple way to hide the ability to invite friends to the chat.
Add the next code to the bottom of your CSS and save.

{ display: none; }

6.Change ADMIN Color

When you wish that your administrator “Sayings” to be colored differently (in another color). You can simply add this at the end of the css settings and change the color to your liking.

color: #c0c0c0;

The way to change the chat is by , signup at

(User + password) get your code and add it to your website.

Now you can go to “Advance design” and choose how you wish to change the theme.

2.Chat-generated content increases SEO

One of the great feature I found in this chat is SEO booster.

SEO plays a major role in havingyour page show up higher in search engines. SEO consists of several adjustments to your website, but the KING of all is content. Fresh content is a major factor in having your page appears higher in search engines.

So what if I told you that there is an easy way to create fresh content for your website?

What if I told you that your page visitors can create this content for you?

This is how:

  1. Add a group chatroom to your page.
  2. Let users discuss topics on your page and save chat history.
  3. Copy the chat transcript (after deleting non relevant stuff).
  4. Add the transcript into your website page.

It is simple and many websites and blogs are taking advantage of group chat with the ability to save chat history (archive). Nevertheless people are sometimes reluctant to add a chat because of Spammers. The RumbleTalk plugin solvesthis problem in two ways:

  1. Once you create your chat you have the ability to restrict chatters to use only their Facebook and twitter profiles to login. This will reduce spam by 90% and will make sure your chat is not accessed by trolls.
  2. In order to assure chatters will not use “bad words”, a chat owner can create a list of banned words and sentences to prevent users from spamming and being abusive.

3.Change the Floating image

RumbleTalk can be added as part of the a page or as a floating toolbar. Rumbletalk gives the option to changethis jumping ICON, see example in

4.Let your audience draw more audience

RumbleTalk has two website boosters that help you reach more audience and spread the word via social media. These two ways include inviting friends and sharing content from chats.

    1. Invite friends to chat: Your chatters have the option to invite their friends to the conversation. They can invite their Facebook friends or their twitter followers.


  1. 2.Share chat content in social networks: Your chatters can send part of the conversation to their Facebook and twitter friends.


Use it for more than regular group chats

Any page or blog owner can add a chat to their page. Some use it for support, some for chitchat and some for business.Listed below are some great ways to use a group chat.

  1. Group discussions – Having a chat box on a page is a great way to encourage discussions during a live show or event. Many radio shows, live bloggers, live podcasts, reading book groups and real-time streaming pages are using chat boxes.
  1. Social Trading – Stock and option trading used to be done solely via machines. However, during the past 8 years a new concept has emerged – a social trading for “Humans”. It includes mainly a social chat and forum where professionals trade together while chatting, sharing images and videos in the chat. Group chat has become an essential tool for traders.
  1. Online Events – There are a lot of online events (even on Facebook). One of the best ways to “feel” your audience is through a group chat. For example, there was a Pre-Launch of a famous book where the author revealed chapters of the book to his audience via group chat. The chat was a significant tool in this event to gauge readers’ reaction to the new book.
  1. Offline Events – You may ask yourself how a group chat can be a part of an offline event. Well, two factors in the past years have made it possible:
    1. QR scanning
    2. Mobile Phones

One of the pains in offline events is the mass of people “missed” during an event due to a lack of resources to monitor and answer questions from all attendees. A stand with a QR code printed next to the company area at the event will make it possible for people to use their smartphones to scan and chat with an online representative from the company. In any event the company will be able to collect contact information from attendees entering the chat and contact them later on.

  1. Educational chat – Adding a chat to a virtual classroom makes it very attractive to students. Being able to add images and videos only amplifies the experience.

RumbleTalk  –

Author: Eyal Misk (RumbleTalk CEO)


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