Why Website Usability Testing is Important ?

You want to sell more products, generate more downloads, registrations of bank jobs or other actions on your site ? No problem. For this you basically have two options. For one, you can build more relevant website visitors. However, this is usually associated with much higher marketing costs and expenditure of time. Secondly, you can get more out of the existing visitors, ie increase the conversion rate. Advantage of this method is that once you have costs, preserving the positive effects, however, permanently. Usability tests will help your website to check on their ease back and uncover pitfalls that hinder the success of massively.


How does a usability test?

In usability tests, you observe people as you solve previously defined tasks on your website. As the sole observation but are not yet any information about the thoughts and feelings of the subject, the participants in the usability testing are encouraged as much as possible “think aloud”. Only then can the real problems during the evaluation be identified.

A usability test is always made up a scenario and tasks. In the scenario you describe the general situation into which to empathize with the tester. The tasks then just specifically, what should the tester.

Example: Let’s say you have an online store for runners. An appropriate scenario for this might look like this: “Imagine you are a passionate hobby runner and run about 3 times a week for 30 minutes each. They run mostly on the road and had already repeatedly knee problems.Therefore, you place a lot of emphasis on a good cushioning “And this could be the first task:” Find in our online store an appropriate running shoe. ”

Through a detailed scenario description you make it easier for testers to put yourself in the situation of a real visitor inside and put in a real situation as possible after the course.

During the test, ideally the screen and the voice of the tester is recorded for later analysis.

Reasons for usability testing

The user-friendliness of your website is decisive for success or failure. You should identify any problems that have visitors while operating your side, and correct.

 Usability tests show you where to start, you must

There are often little things that make the difference. This may be the bad labeling of a navigation point or a button that is not in the right place. Even if you spend a lot of time every day on your website, you will not notice these things. Simply because you are mostly on already completed elements give any thought. For a visitor, you can still be crucial. A usability test shows you what website elements you should reconsider and change again.

 Corporate glasses

No one knows your website and your products better than your employees and therefore is itself clear to you that the login button can be found in the footer and the search function is hidden behind the magnifying glass icon. Most problems will not be noticeable. It is therefore important, usability tests with people perform that are so far still no relation to your website and your business. Also, employees, friends and acquaintances thus leave as a test subject.These have been in doubt about too much knowledge about your company, your products and your website. Employees example, already know your products and know which product is the right one for what purpose. Many problems and uncertainties are therefore not arise.

Test, you should always carry with external and neutral people.

 Know the expectations

Visitors are constantly dealing with a certain expectation on your website. Every scroll movement and every click is done for a reason and a concomitant responsibility. Usability tests to learn the expectations and can tell if your site does not meet this or. Expectation and actual votes not match result, this leads to frustration and finally results in the visitor leaves the site quickly.

 It’s fun

Fact! When you perform usability tests and look at videos of tests, you get direct feedback from people who had never been on your side. This is extremely exciting! So far you have only considered with your team members, the site should look like, what navigation items they need and which content is relevant to visitors. Now is the time to observe your target audience in the wild. In usability tests, you can see the reaction of your visitors directly and immediately.

 Types of usability tests

There are many different types of usability tests. The previously described method is called the think-aloud technique and can be done in 3 ways. The decision on which method is the best one for you depends on your knowledge, your human resources and budget.

 Tests in a usability lab

When tested in a usability lab ask an outside agency to conduct the tests for you. The Agency will assist you in methodology, implementation and evaluation. The advantage of the laboratory tests carried out is that professionals can take over the complete test procedure.You also need not worry about the recruitment of suitable subjects. Moreover, the assay is accompanied by a facilitator who can dig deeper for clarification again more precisely in the subject.

Disadvantages are the high cost (usually more than € 10,000, depending on the sample size) and laboratory effects, as the tests for the subject in a non-familiar environment take place on someone else’s computer.

 Do-it-yourself test

If you already have experience with usability testing, you can take the test procedure themselves. For this purpose, you need to find suitable subjects and invite to his office (or another suitable location). Since the testers are investing time, compensation or other remuneration is attached. Advantage is the low cost. Disadvantages are the high cost and the recruitment of the subjects, which they have to take themselves.

 Online usability testing

Online usability tests are a new type of usability-testing, set in the client only scenario and tasks, and the audience must choose. The appointment is completely online.

The provider of online usability testing have a pool of volunteers who will be informed directly after commissioning tests on the new test. The subjects who react fastest get the contract and can now perform the test on your own PC. For this a screen recorder of those sites available during the test execution records the screen and the voice of the tester. When completed, the video is uploaded to the server of the provider and the customer for evaluation purposes only.The usability tests are usually completed within a few hours and at a cost of less than € 50 per subject very low.

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  2. Rasin Bekkevold says:

    There are various aspects of usability like CTAs, responsiveness, etc. which must be taken care of to make your website easier to use for your customers. While building your site you must focus on attempting to answer the five components of usability.

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